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Former EA CEO John Riccitiello Takes Hold of Unity as New CEO

Former EA CEO John Riccitiello will be replacing Unity chief executive officer David Helgason as the new CEO of Unity Technologies.

Riccitiello left his position at EA back in March of 2013 and later hoped on Unity’s board of directors in November of the same year. He will now be taking hold of the company’s reigns amidst rumors that Unity has been in contact with potential buyers, one of which has been Google.

“[Riccitiello] is the right person to help guide the company to the mission that we set out for ourselves over a decade ago: democratize game development,” Helgason wrote on the Unity blog following his resignation. He will remain at Unity as executive vice president in charge of strategy and communications.

“Unity has been a hugely positive force in the games industry for years. Now it’s my incredible fortune to have the opportunity to help guide Unity going forward.” said Riccitiello in the company’s announcement.

“Unity is more than a great engine or packages of services, it’s an amazing and diverse community of developers, many of which are changing the way we think about game design and production. Unity’s mission – to democratise development – is an important one that I’m very happy to help drive forward.”

The Unity engine is widely used by a ton of game developers for its ease of porting a title across multiple platforms. This also includes the new PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles, as well as smartphones and tablets.

Currently, the engine is being used by over 600,000 developers, including both big name publishers and students.