Dubai Real Esate Ad Caught Using SimCity Screenshot

A Dubai property developer has been reported to have been caught using images from SimCity in its real estate ad campaign.

Visionary Property allegedly decided to show off its futuristic vision to potential investors by passing an image from SimCity as their own concept art. Despite being aware of the consequences of plagiarism, the company deemed it worthy for a “Dubai Metro City Project.” The ad even went on to be featured in the 2014 CityScape property event in Dubai.

“A futuristic urban hub combining business, retails, residential, and visitor attractions and facilities,“ reads the official caption by Visionary Property.

The property developer further stated the city project would be a “unique, eco-aware, and designer city,” and would cover over 200 million square feet, promising to potentially house over 40,000 residents by the time the project was completed in 2017.

When confronted, a company spokesperson stated that the images were prepared by the “world’s most renowned architects.” A most confusing statement since that was followed by the person admitting ripping off EA’s city builder and adding that they are “still determined to make this iconic project a reality should anyone be interested in investing.”

via Yahoo