Dragon Age Inquisition Followers and Inquisitor Options Explained in Trailer

We know quite a lot about the Followers and the Inquisitor options that Dragon Age Inquisition will bring you. However BioWare thinks that you would be better prepared to make your choices if you are guided through the selection in a new trailer.

So the video above shows you how you can select one of three types of Inquisitors, the Warrior, the Mage or the Rogue along with detailing the specialties of each.

As you all know, your Inquisition will depend heavily on your Followers. So the video explains in great length three of the options you will have. The Iron Bull – Warrior of the Quanri race, Sera – the Elven Archer and finally Dorian – the mage from a powerful family.

At the end of the trailer they showed the preorder bonus which will get you The Flames of The Inquisition Pack of Dragon Age Inquisition.

Did this get you excited? Well the wait is almost over you will have Dragon Age Inquisition with you in a couple of weeks.

The game has been developed for Microsoft Windows PlayStation 3 PlayStation 4 Xbox 360 and Xbox One it is slated for a release in North America on November 18 and in European Union on November 21.