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Don’t Expect Monster Killing in Rime, But Exploration: Tequila Works

Alright that took a while. The last time we heard of Rime was back in May when the developers released some more of the cel-shaded screenshots for their upcoming open world puzzle adventure game.

This time, Raúl Rubio Munárriz who is the creative director of the game at Tequila Works was talking to GameReactor where he was asked to shed light on what exactly the game was going to be about.

Rubio is of the opinion that games that revolve around monster killing are a bit too impressed by Hollywood; which, in his opinion isn’t what they are aiming at, he said:

If you like exploration, I think you’re going to love Rime. If you like killing Monsters, don’t expect that… we’re moving away from Hollywood.

Well, I think that is cool, I would surely want to try out a game that focuses all its energies on exploration component instead of what every other game does. Knowing how many resources they can make available for the game this way, I am expecting a gripping experience.

That is not all what he talked about though, Rubio says that their game is going to mix up ‘feelings of loneliness and discovery of classic films such as Jason and the Argonauts with childhood experience in the Mediterranean coasts.’

Add to it the fact that there is going to be no combat in the game at all, I am sure that Tequila Works is going to make sure you feel like a lost kid.

Last but not the least; the game is going to compensate the lack of combat with puzzles that would involve ‘original element such as the use of light or perspective.’

So what do you think about the way Tequila Works is making Rime? Shout out in the comments below!