Civilization: Beyond Earth Modding, Demo and AI Discussed in AMA Session

Firaxis Games is currently putting all resources into the development of Civilization: Beyond Earth. So naturally they had a lot to share with the waiting fans. An AMA session was held on Reddit where they answered a lot of questions posed by the community.

Basically developers David McDonough and Will Miller held the session which you can read up in full by visiting this thread.

Since the whole of it would take a day to process and turn into a story, we have picked up some of the important points that were discussed. For instance, they were asked for a release date of the modding tools. Their response was:

Modding is really important to us, and we’re very excited to see what our fans create with Beyond Earth. The modding tools are on their way, and we’re getting them ready as fast as we can, though no date has been announced yet. In the interim, you can mod the game’s scripts and XML all you want. Stay tuned also for documentation.

Moving on, they were questioned about the possibility of a playable demo when the developers confirmed that ‘a turn-locked demo will be released on the launch day.’

Lastly, they shed some light on how the difficulty levels would affect the AI in the game, saying that in the higher levels of Civilization: Beyond Earth the ‘AI gets mechanical benefits similar to the higher levels of Civ 5, including accelerated resource gain.’

There still is a lot more to get out of the AMA session and we have only touched the primary questions that were answered.

Do tell us what other things in Civilization: Beyond Earth would you have wanted to question them about.