Check Out First 7 Minutes The Legend Of Korra Video Game on PS4

New gameplay footage of The Legend of Korra video game has surfaced online, which shows the first seven minutes of the game, running on PlayStation 4.

You are taken into combat straight away as the HUD guides you to try out different attacks i.e. heavy and light. Like most of hack n slash titles, the gameplay mostly relies on mashing the action buttons and this anime inspired video game is not different.

The bending system of the game is rather simple as you will be able to switch between them by pressing a single button, making the attacks even more dynamic.

After the initial introduction, a small cutscene plays and then you are in the combat once again, trying out some new moves that will come in handy as you move further in the game.

So far, the reviews have not gone in favor The Legend of Korra video game as the biggest score the game has received thus far is from Destructoid who gave it a 7 out 10. Hopefully, the coming days will be kind to the game.

The Legend of Korra video game released for PS4, PS3 and PC yesterday, whereas Xbox One and Xbox 360 users will get it today.

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