Attack on Titan Could Soon be Heading to the West

The video game adaption of the popular anime series Attack on Titan might be coming to the west soon. Couple of days ago the Australian Classification Board gave an MA15+ rating to a game by the name of Attack on Titan.

The rating suggests that the game features strong impact violence, mild impact nudity along with moderate impact themes.

According to the Board’s website, the classification was submitted to them by developer Spike Chunsoft in partnership with publisher Atlus USA.

The title being classified in Australia hints that the game is close to its European and North American release.

Furthermore, Attack on Titan has dropped its subtitle, Last Wings of Mankind. Keep in mind that classification does not guarantee a release for the title but considering it is an expensive process, they would not have done it if something wasn’t up regarding its release in the west.

Still, we should keep our hopes to a minimum until we hear something official from either the publisher or the devs in order to avoid disappointment.

The Japanese title has received exceptional success and the game puts players in the shoes of Eren, Mikasa and Armin. The famous characters will go up against the brutal and massive Titans.