20th PlayStation Anniversary Website Launched, Major Event Incoming

December 3, 2014 will mark two decades of PlayStation. The 20th PlayStation Anniversary is upon us and Sony is not holding back this time. From what we can see so far, they have a lot planned for their fans.

First off, the Japan based company has launched a page on their website dedicated to the anniversary where you can go and revisit the course through which we have finally come to own a PlayStation 4 after 20 years.

Sony has also announced the date of this year’s PlayStation Awards event that is going to be held in Japan. According to the official website, the ceremony will be held to commemorate the bestselling PlayStation games on December 3.

As for you, you can take part in the User Choice Award by voting for your favorite game starting October 29 and then finally get to watch the awards through a live stream when the day comes.

Atsushi Morita, the president of Sony Computer Entertainment Japan has thanked all the fans while stating that a special event was being prepared:

To thank everyone for 20 years with us and to celebrate what comes next, we’re preparing a special PlayStation 20th Anniversary event at this year’s PlayStation Awards. I hope we can all enjoy it together.

In the end, they have asked the fans to keep checking the website for the future plans as the page will e updated on the appropriate time.

Don’t be sad if you are in the western sides of the market. SCEA is also holding the PlayStation Experience event in Las Vegas on December 6 and December 7. The aim is the same, but the festivities will be different.

So, who’s excited about the 20th PlayStation anniversary?