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Understanding Forza Horizon 2 Skill Points, Perks and Cost

Microsoft’s racing simulation Forza Horizon 2 has been recently released for both Xbox One and Xbox 360. The game features perks, which can be considered as abilities or advantages you can unlock during your time with the game.

You will have to spend skill points in order to unlock perks; naturally, in order to spend skill points you must first earn them!

Driving through the open world of Forza Horizon 2 in a stylish way will earn you these skill points. Which means you can perform Drifts, Skids, jumps etc. to get more and more of these points.

Skill points also play a role in the leveling process. As you level up, you will be given a chance to compete in order to win a new car or some money.

Drivers with exceptional skills can chain together different maneuvers to earn some extra points. While doing so, be careful not to hit any other cars, or you will lose those points.

Furthermore, each perk in the game has a different cost set according to their effect. The following list will help you figure out the cost and effect of each perk in Forza Horizon 2.

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Bargain Hunter
Effect: Do you like discounts? Who doesn’t. Spend 5 points on Bargain Hunter and get a permanent ten percent discount on all the cars available at the Autoshow.

Bounty Hunter
Effect: Spending 3 points will show an icon above Drivatars worth some extra credit during head to head race.

Skill Shortcut
Effect: If you want to build your skill chain twice as quick, then this perk will help you out for only 3 points.

Bribe Ride
Effect: Spending just 2 points on this perk will make your vote destination count for 2 in online road trip.

Clubbed Up
Effect: From the Club bonus, you can earn 10% extra XP. Perk is worth 2 points

Daily Double
Effect: Get this perk for 2 points and you will be able to get double reward from daily Drivatar payouts.

Discount Parts
Effect: As the name suggests, you can get permanent 10% discount to all upgradable parts. Discount Parts is worth 3 points.

Drift Star
Effect: Your drift and E-drift skill scores will go up 10%. Drift Star will cost you just 1 point.

Fast Travel Anywhere
Effect: Doesn’t need any explaining, as the name suggests, fast travel anywhere. Perk costs 5 points.

Ghost King
Effect: When you become a king, your ghost state will last 2s longer. Costs 2 points.

Hang On
Effect: By spending 1 point on this perk, you make your skill chain last 1s longer.

Hot Lapper
Effect: You can earn 10 percent more credits during rival events. Hot Lapper is priced at 2 point.

XP Everywhere
Effect: You will earn XP when you bank a skill chain. XP Everywhere can be your’s for 1 point.

Street Racer
Effect: For just 1 point, Street Racer will allow players to earn 25% more credits in a head to head race if they beat a Drivatar.

Immune System
Effect: For 2 points, players can have the ability to start games of Infected for 15s in a ghosted state.

It’s A Lottery
Effect: Just by spending 5 points you can often earn much better prizes with Horizon Wheelspin.

Effect: Increase your drifting skill points by 10 percent. Slipstream will cost you 1 point.

Skill Legend
Effect: Players skill multiplier will go up to 6. Skill Legend is available for 5 points

It’s Not Easy Being Clean
Effect: Clean start and clean streak scores increase by 25%. Perk will cost 1 point.

Life in The Fast Lane
Effect: Get the perk for 3 points and receive 10% boost permanently in Event finish XP.

Most Wanted
Effect: Players can earn 25% more XP from Speed Traps and Zones if you post 150mph or above. Most Wanted will cost 3 points.

Effect: To help you know what cars you need for Horizon Promo, an Icon will appear above those cars. You need 3 point for Paparazzi.

Profit Share
Effect: Get 25% more credit from Tuning and Paint downloads by getting this perk for 2 points.

Risk Taker
Effect: Increase your near miss scores by 10% percent. Risk Taker costs 2 points.

Show Off
Effect: Players can get 25 percent more XP from banked Skills during Freeroam.