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The Evil Within Keys Locations Guide – How to Unlock Morgue Lockers

Keys are found inside Goddess Statues in The Evil Within. They can get you numerous advantages like bonus ammo and other valuable items. Once you find the statue, you smash it to get the key. Each key opens a locked locker that will get you the items.

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The Evil Within Keys Locations

In The Evil Within, Keys are spread out across all the chapters. Each chapter can have multiple keys or no key at all. For your convenience we have grouped them in Chapters and provided you with the locations for each numbered key.

Chapter 1
No Keys

Chapter 2

Key #1
There is a metal gate before you enter the town. Look beside it on the half stone walls. You will see the statue perched on one of them.

Key #2
After you have killed the first two turned enemies inside the gate, take the right path while going to the town. Look for a building up the hill, go inside it.

Enter the bathroom from first door, and go to the sink inside it. You will find a box on the sink with the Key.

Chapter 3

Key #3
After you have taken care of the sniper in the main mission area, look for the tall watchtower and check its wooden struts for the statue.

Key #4, Key #5
Inside the mansion where the doctor hid, go up to the terrace. Standing at the terrace stairs look up towards the upper back window. You will see the statue hanging over there.

Key #6
Go to the barn, take the small ladder up to the second floor. You will find the statue inside the small room.

Chapter 4

Key #7
Go to the hospice and fetch the operating room where the doctor is butchering a body. Kill the doctor and interact with the body. Jabbing the knife will get you the key.

Key #8
You will be sent into a pool of blood after you have met Ruvik. There should be a wall perpendicular to the catwalk. Locate the lever and pull it twice.

Chapter 5

Key #9
Past the bathroom you will drop down the hole. Now look for the baby doll on a round table in a room. There will be a rat with the statue on top.

Key #10
Once you have freed Kidman, Sebastian will need to get back to the cell blocks. Going back on your path smash the lock on the first cell on your left. Go inside to get the statue.

Key #11
After you have gotten rid of the blood spawning woman go to the room where she actually appeared. Locate the tall locker in the back corner. Open the locker and shoot the bird with statue.

Chapter 6

Key #12
When the chapter starts go to the cliffs on the sea side and inside the ruined structure. Burn the body over the window to get the statue.

Key #13
When you are in the destroyed area with spear gunners who shoot from boxes, use your sniper rifle to locate a circling metal ledge above the box gunners. The statue is on the metal ledge, shoot it and it will drop down to the bottom of the tower.

Key #14
On the right boundary of the abandoned marketplace there is a wheelbarrow. Destroy the two breakable crates behind it to reveal a hole in the wall.

Go inside and down the path to find the statue.

Key #15
Drop down the catacombs to the sacrificial chamber. There will be body bags circling by. One of them has the statue attached to it.

Chapter 7

Key #16
Open the catacomb wall by removing the Old Lithograph, go straight ahead and locate the table with a lockbox helmet to the left. The key is inside it.

Key #17
In the hub area go to the right door, go up using the platform as far as it will go. Inspect the pillar up there, one of them has the statue.

Key #18
Going towards the trap room with large spike ceiling get past, go to the smaller spike trap close to the lithograph wall. Lower the platform, and go up to the cache area using the platform. You will find the statue up there.

Key #19
In the same area as the previous key, go left of the crank door to meet new enemies. Fetch the double doors that are unlocked.

Once you are done with the left path and turned off the poison gas, use the pathway to the sacrificial area. You will find your key among other items.

Chapter 8

Key #20
When you turn the first crank in the caves the statue will come down with the chain.

Key #21
When you drop into water after the second crank gate. Go towards the waterfalls while sticking to the right side. The statue is behind one of the streams.

Key #22
When you are inside thee circular room that had the strange system, Locate the double doors. Theey will be blocked by pipes, on one of the pipes the statue can be seen on the top hole.

Chapter 9

Key #23
Look for the dead tree in the mansion courtyard on the right side of the front door. The statue is in the branches.

Key #24
Inside the stock room with Ruben’s experiment look for the statue of the shelves. You will find it on the top.

Key #25
Open the gallery double doors upstairs and look up. The statue is stuck in one corner of the ceiling skylight.

Key #26
In the bedroom where brain experiment is found from the fire passage, you will find the statue on a desk

Key #27
Go up the lift in thee burning barn to the exit window but instead of exiting burn the bail on the right to get another statue.

Chapter 10

Key #28
Go down to the basement using the ladder and through the door with spike traps on the left. Locate crates in the back and destroy them to get the next statue.

Key #29
Before you enter the maze where spinning traps activate, go to the hub to the locked gates. Go to the chamber with low spikes to find the statue.

Key #30
When you go inside the maze and near the heat lamp crusher you will find the statue near the door. You will have to crawl to the alcove in order to retrieve the key.

Key #31
Kill Laura instead of making her retreat, then look on the outer edge of the items cache to find the statue.

Chapter 11

Key #32
Go around the Merry Go Round in the opening and jump onto the floating car in the water. You will see the statue on the horse, wait for it to come close and smash it.

Key #33
Drop into the water and fetch the statue floating in the water. Smash it by pushing it while swimming towards the exit tunnel.

Key #34
When you are inside the building look for two blue pipes and the soda machine. Press the button twice to get the statue.

Key #35
Meet Kidman, fend of enemies and wait for the double doors to reveal an elevator and a stairwell. Call the elevator and get the statue.

Key #36
Use the sniper rifle to look around as you exit the dark mannequin factory (when you are on the catwalk on the outside). The front side off the giant crane will have the statue.

Chapter 12
No Keys

Chapter 13

Key #37
When you get to the apartment with keeper go to the path on right, when the keeper leaves go to the ruined section and fetch the statue from the next to the V shaped girders on the destroyed floor.

Key #38
After you have seen the cutscene in the trap kitchen go let to the metal table. The statue will be on top of it.

Key #39
Encounter Keeper in the meat locker, and when you get out of the elevator look for the elevator that is partially open on your left. You will find the statue inside.

Chapter 14

Key #40
After you are done with the agony bow haunted creature there will be a tunnel. On the right before the archway you will see the statue in the train car window.

Key #41
When you are in the underground sewers and the hallway where there are numerous traps look for the fence on the right. The statue is on that side. Go right past the AlterEgo and the skin membrane to get the statue.

Key #42
When you have restored the electricity after fighting the boss, go right and crawl under the electricity to find the statue embedded in the flesh.

Key #43
After you get the previous statue take the lift back up and when you are about to end the chapter the statue will be in front of you on the main path.


Key #44
Placed randomly in the Asylum safes.

Key #45
Placed randomly in the Asylum safes.

If there is anything confusing or missing in the guide, let us know in the comments and we will help you out!