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The Division is Going to Make the Most of PlayStation 4

Development on Tom Clancy’s The Division was started with a focus on the new generation of consoles. According to the developers this means that they will be taking full advantage of them, churning out something better than the rest of the titles – especially on PlayStation 4.

The executive producer for the game at Ubisoft Massive, Fredrik Rundqvist was recently talking to PlayStation Universe about their upcoming shooter and the potential of the latest generation consoles.

According to him, Tom Clancy’s The Division is going to be different from some other (Hint: Assassin’s Creed?) new gen titles:

We developed both the engine and the game specifically for this new generation of consoles. So we didn’t have any problems at all, it was perfectly built for that. I know a lot of other games are using older engines that they need to port. Ours was built from the ground up. It takes full advantage of the PlayStation, and it’s an amazing machine.

He emphasized further on PlayStation 4 saying that there always is a potential of growth as people learn more and more about a console. The outcome will be even better when the developers ‘learn to use all the details,’ as the new consoles are ‘incredibly powerful by default but there is more to get from them.’

While Rundqvist made general statements about both the consoles in general, it was actually the PlayStation 4 he was more inclined towards. Do you think this is also a hint that they are more positive about the console as compared to rival Xbox One?

More importantly do you think this could be a hint that the PlayStation 4 version of Tom Clancy’s The Division would be a better build than the Xbox One version?

The Division is going to be released to PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One sometime in 2015.