Sunset Overdrive Launch Trailer Released

With just days remaining before its release, Insomniac Games has today released the launch trailer of its upcoming Xbox One exclusive, Sunset Overdrive.

The trailer largely focuses on the turbulent and colorful world in which players will be jumping in on October 28. You can catch a glimpse at the game’s storyline and what will drive you to cause as much as chaos as possible.

It was also announced that Microsoft has partnered up with Discovery Digital Networks for a “Week of Explosions.” The series of videos will feature some of the most popular YouTube celebrities as they start exploding a variety of real-life objects inspired by Sunset Overdrive.

Players can go ahead and vote for what they’d like to see blown up in the grand finale of “Week of Explosions” on October 28.

To do so, simply head over to and vote between #BlowUpFizzie and #BlowUpMutants. The first 100,000 fans who vote regardless will receive a limited edition in-game costume called Granny’s Revenge.

Granny’s Revenge outfit: What’s in the basket, Red Riding Hood? Oh, a fire-spewing shotgun? I think you’ll make it to Granny’s just fine. This ain’t no fairy tale – this is Sunset Overdrive. So, slap on this outfit and trek into those woods.

Sunset Overdrive launches on October 28 in North America exclusively for the Xbox One.