The Stanley Parable Has Sold Over 1M Copies and It’s Still Looking Good

There are a lot of Indie games out there but very few of them actually grab the attention of the players as The Stanley Parable did. The game became quite popular after its initial release in 2011 and then a standalone HD remake was released in 2013 that was appraised by almost everyone.

Due to its increasing popularity, the game has managed to sell more than 1 million copies which is a great achievement for the young creator, Davey Wreden.

He expressed his gratitude to the fans via twitter where he wrote:

The narrator for Stanley Parable also celebrated this achievement on his twitter:

Currently, the game holds an extremely impressive score of 90.25 on GameRankings, and it was mostly praised due to the amazing story-driven experience that it provided to the players.

For more information regarding Stanley Parable, visit its Steam page.

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