Pure Pool On Xbox One “Soon” – New Screenshots Now

In a bit of news slash non-news, Publisher Ripstone has announced that Pure Pool will be ready for Xbox One “soon.” Since it’s lagging behind its previous release schedules on PC and Playstation 4, such a lack of clarity isn’t saying much, but at least the announcement comes with some new screenshots.

It doesn’t look like the Xbox One version of Pure Pool will be visually any different than on any other platform, luckily. Billiard tables are still presented in their buttery smooth ways, even detailed down to the cloth fabric with additional shading differences.

Like many similar sports simulations, gameplay is seen from a first person perspective, straight behind the cue. Some helping guidelines show where a ball will go to when struck, as well as any additional trajectory of the direct target.

Developer VooFoo Studios is not on its first simulation project. Previously, the company also worked on Hustle Kings, a known pool game on Playstation 3.

Pure Pool originally already released on July 30, 2014. It featured a tracking system that collects player data in order to mimic play styles for asynchronous multiplayer elements.

Players could pick a certain DNA profile, view the stats within and select them as an opponent. An artificial intelligence (AI) would then approximately play like that data would indicate.

Unfortunately, Pure Pool suffered from some severe server issues upon launch, which sort of made its prime selling point crumble. This could likely be why the Xbox One version was so delayed, since it’d be awful to go through the same issues twice.

Should that be the case, however, Pure Pool will have live multiplayer on Xbox One as well.