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Play Civilization V For Free as You Wait for Civ: Beyond Earth to Pre-Load

Civilization: Beyond Earth is going to release on October 24, and if you have never played any title in the franchise before, then today is your lucky day as Civilization V is free to play on Steam until October 23, two days are just enough time to decide whether you like the game or not.

However, if you like the game, then you can purchase it or you can go for the upcoming title in the series “Civilization: Beyond Earth”, which releases this Friday.

Civilization V takes you to pre-historic times and you progress from there to the current day world by slowly building a city via exploration and using resources available to you at that time.

Diplomacy, military and government are the biggest part of the game because you will need to defend yourself from the nearby enemies as you keep on growing.

Civilization has been regarded as one of the best strategy series of all time and if you haven’t played it before, then now is your chance to try it out.

If you have already pre-purchased Civilization: Beyond Earth, then you better start pre-loading before the game officially unlocks on Friday.

You can also check out this 9 minutes video that guides you about the alien environments of Beyond Earth.

Are you looking forward to play Civilization V or Civilization: Beyond Earth? Let us know!