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The Official ESL App Launches on Xbox One Today

The official ESL app launched today on the Xbox One console and allows users to sign up for upcoming tournaments, cups and other competitions for Xbox One titles like FIFA 15.

In addition to that the app also prioritizes matchmaking, displays a news feed filled with relative posts and helps players find their friends using their gamertags.

The tournament page specifically has been really nicely done. It’s detailed and user friendly. Players who sign up will be shown their match sheet with all necessary information available about their opponents, including their gamer tag and picture.

From here you can choose to contact them directly, find each other in-game and enter results directly through the app. The Electronic Sports League is the largest independent eSports brand in the world and is responsible for an abundance of online and LAN competitions that are held globally.

There hasn’t been a more perfect time for the growth of eSports, seeing titles like League of Legends, DOTA 2 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive gather fans in herds. Until now the word eSports was largely met with the PC platform, where the largest streaming platform Twitch has proved how large the consumer base is.

Competition though is now started to spread outwards and involving consoles, with Call of Duty tiles being a favorite specially on the Xbox platform.

Source: Major Nelson