Mass Effect Creator Casey Hudson Teases Oculus VR Title

Who doesn’t know Casey Hudson; probably the only people who have been living under the rock for so long that they don’t know about the Mass Effect trilogy. Regardless, whether you know about him or not is beyond the issue.

Right now, we have an interesting new development; apparently, the creator of Mass Effect is befriending Oculus VR and most probably working on a virtual reality based title.

This is no rumor! The guy himself has tweeted an image of the Oculus Rift headset with a pretty big tease of only two words: ‘it begins…’

Check out the tweet below:

Naturally, we cannot be sure about anything as of now. It could mean anything ranging from the beginning of the development process of a VR based title to a gesture of support for the guys who have made it.

Let’s take a look at the recent couple of months. Hudson had left BioWare back in August stating that he was ready to take up new challenges. What exactly those new challenges are, he has not shared.

So yes, developing a VR based title could actually fit in as it would be ‘new’ as well as a ‘challenge’ for him.

As it is the case with situations like these, there already are rumors in the community. For instance some think that Hudson is actually working on a game or app based on Oculus VR while others speculate that he might have actually joined the Oculus VR team!

What do you think the Mass Effect creator is up to? Is it possible that Casey Hudson could have actually joined Oculus VR?