Life Is Feudal Sells 100,000 In One Month

Developer Bitbox Ltd. has announced that Life is Feudal: Your Own has reached the milestone of 100,000 copies sold. This is tallied for both the units bought from Steam as well as the game’s own website.

While the number doesn’t rival some huger numbers, there are some things that make this an exceptional feat. For one, the PC sandbox title is currently on Early Access and in Alpha state, which means a lot of people are buying into a promise.

Moreover, Life is Feudal has racked up the six figures in just one month. Some may remember that the game kept clinging to the top seller spots on Steam for days on end.

Life is Feudal is set in the ways of many of these free roaming titles, but in a medieval setting. Players can collect a number of resources and build structures, such as a house, anywhere they choose on the map.

Buildings can then be defended against others or expanded to be able to survive the game’s realism elements, such as starvation and so on. In particular, the game prides itself on having a complex cooking system that rewards good chefs with skill bonuses.

Abilities grow organically as they are used, giving players the choice what profession they’d like to play.

Naturally, there’s also a combat element to Life is Feudal, which takes into consideration human anatomy for specific fractures or bleeding wounds. Health is represented with a double bar, to also include nonlethal settings, such as loss of consciousness.

One more thing that makes Life is Feudal: Your Own’s record so impressive: The game sells for €29.99, which is a pretty penny for a seemingly random Early Access game.