Hellblade Gets New Concept Arts from Ninja Theory

Hellblade was revealed back in August by Ninja Theory and while it inspired some of the action genre fans and ever since then they have been sharing chunks of information with us.

What they have shared now are a couple of concept art pieces that are meant to shine some light on the theory of the game’s visuals and the world. In total there are three images that they have shared on the official Hellblade website.

One of them shows something that looks like a tree with a face. The image is pretty grisly because everything on the image seems to have been made by bodies of what look like humans and/ or some other creatures.

The second image shows some abstract images that also have been made by miniature bodies. This time thought we can see one of the bodies closely and they look more like naked undead human bodies. However, we can see what looks like the protagonist standing atop one of the bodies with a sword in the right hand.

Third image in the list is even more eerie, it shows huge mounds made out of the same horrid bodies; it looks like a sea of hands to be honest.

In the recent days Ninja Theory has been proactive about sharing more and more about the game.

For instance, recently they shared multiple developer diaries detailing how the world of Hellblade has been designed and how the gameplay mechanics work in the game; the inspirations behind the art they got from the Vikings era and almost everything else that you need to know about the game.

Hellblade is expected to come out in early 2015.