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Get Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley In Europe In 2015


Farming simulation game Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley is now also confirmed for European release. It will launch in the first quarter of 2015, exclusively for Nintendo 3DS.

Previously, publisher Natsume was able to pin down a more concrete date for North America. This region will get cracking with the game shortly, on November 4, 2014.

North America usually gets the Harvest Moon games a little sooner, sometimes a lot earlier even. With the new iteration, there will also be a slight change of plans in a few ways, so a delay isn’t that strange.

For starters, Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley sort of moves away from the farming mechanisms alone, since the core games are now licensed elsewhere and Natsume only retained the name. This game is more of an open world sandbox thing, where players collect resources and reshape locations with blocks.

Furthermore, the European publisher for the game this time is Bergsala Lightweight, which is different from Rising Star Games that usually takes on the title. The latter will still be used for marketing purposes.

Bergsala Entertainment is most known for Hello Kitty games. That should give you an idea of the family friendly aspect to expect from Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley.

In the game, players need to restore the seasons, after they’ve gone missing. On their journey, they’ll encounter some Harvest Sprites that can be enlisted to automate some of the gameplay elements.

It’s also possible to partake in a few more activities, such as fishing. As always, several people are hanging around that can be befriended or even married.

Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley even lets you have kids, you naughty devil.