Final Fantasy Explorers Website Is Now Updated With New Details And Videos

Just a week ago Square Enix unveiled new jobs for Final Fantasy Explorers with Machinist and Rage Mage. Now, the official website has been updated with more information, screenshots and gameplay videos of several playable jobs.

The Machinist use guns as their primary weapons in order to inflict damage from long range and defeat their enemies. They have various abilities allowing them to rapidly shoot enemies down or use heavy artillery attacks.

Rage Mage, on the other hand, have been a part of Final Fantasy for a while now. They will use swords along with their magical abilities in battle.

The new screenshots feature some of the summons in the game along with some to the Legend characters included in Final Fantasy Explorers.

Using the Trance feature of the game, players will be able to control characters including Yuna, Tidus and Bartz. You check out the screenshots at the end of this article featuring these characters.

The videos posted show various jobs like the Beastmaker, The Machinist, Dark Knight among others. You can view these videos by following the link here.

Final Fantasy Explorers is going to hit the Japanese market this December exclusively for Nintendo’s 3DS systems. The title is yet to be announced for a release in the West.

Source: FF Explorers