Ex-EA Devs Open Everstar Kickstarter Asking For $850,000

Developer Psycho Sorted has launched an ambitious Kickstarter campaign for a fantasy roleplaying game (RPG), called Everstar. This 3D venture planned for PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One wants a whopping $850,000 to be put into existence, which isn’t an easy feat for even the most vetted of studios.

For more than just their word that they’ll deliver, the team has put up a walkthrough that details a full sequence in the game. This clip includes a few characters from the game, some dialogue, cutscenes and several combat sections.

Battles in Everstar seem to be the gooey nugget that should sell the game. Players can participate in dynamic real-time combat, switching effortlessly between six characters that each have a distinct range of abilities.

Its special aspect, however, is that characters can also be programmed to continue a battle in a certain way. By pausing the game, it’s possible to set up anything from skills to even fully rerouting where characters should go to.

Additionally, Everstar is affected by physics, which means advantages like height matter; characters can slide down inclines and so on. In the release, the developer states:

The combat gameplay resembles a sort of ‘tactical Dark Souls.’



There’s a bit more name dropping involved, when also taking into account the quite magical world that has a strong vibe of older classic RPGs on GameCube and such. The team thinks of the game in this way:

You can think of Everstar as: Harry Potter drama meets Dragon Age squad action with a dash of the school simulation of Persona 4.

Credits for the team include several people who have worked on the Elder Scrolls series, as well as some names tied to Command & Conquer. Other titles listed include Mass Effect, Warcraft and Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Everstar is off to a really slow start. With 26 days to go, the total contributions stand at somewhat over $6,000. They’re asking for a lot of money.