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Destiny Patch Items, Armor and Weapons Leaked Online

The next Destiny patch is going to bring you a shitload of additions ranging from new items, weapons, armor and so much more. The details have been leaked through DestinyDB where you can go for a detailed round up.

So first of all, among the weapons you are going to get Nechrochasm, an arc damage auto rifle, No Land Beyond a kinetic damage sniper rifle, Punk Prayer a scout rifle, Devil’s Due a shotgun, Dragon’s Breath a solar damage rocket launcher.

There also are some new raid weapons, legendary weapons, which will naturally come to play with Crota’s End, the next raid of Destiny. There is an Arc Damage hand cannon called Word of Crota, Abyss Defiant Auto Rifle, Fang of Ir Yut Scount Rifle, Oversoul Edict Arc Damage Pulse Rifle, Swordbreaker Arc Damage Shotgun, Light of Abyss Solar Damage Fusion Rifle, Black Hammer Void Damage Sniper Rifle, Fist of Crota Solar Damage Rocket Launcher and Song of Ir Yut a Machine Gun.

As far as new armor is concerned, each class will get three exotics. For instance Warlock gets The Stag helmet, Starfire Protocol chest, Claws of Ahmkara gauntets. Similarly, Hunter class gets ATS/8 Arachnid helmet, Don’t Touch Me gauntlets and Radiant Dance Machines boots. Lastly, Titan class gets The Glasshouse helmet, Ruin Wings gauntlets and Pardon Me Coming Through boots.

There is also a list of exotic materials namely the Exotic Armor Shard, Exotic Weapon Core, Epoch Splinter, Vehicle Shader Template, Vex Raid Rare, Glass Shards, Harronic Essence and Hangar Assignment.

Even this is not the complete list, there still are Tier One and Tier Two legendary item setsf or each class ranging from helmets, chests, gauntlets, boots and other cosmetic items that will be added through the next Destiny patch.


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