Curse Voice, Razer Comms Approved for League of Legends

Back in September, Riot Games had taken a very clear step and shared what their take was on the matter of using third party applications in connection with League of Legends. Now, they are looking into apps and approving the ones that comply with their policy.

Two such apps have been recently approved by the developers; these are Curse Voice and Razer Comms.

The first one is a chat and communications Voice over IP client. It has been developed by Curse Inc. for League of Legends and other competitive games especially MOBAs.

However the game’s beta version was criticized by Riot who have maintained a policy that using any app that interferes with the gaming experience would result in a breach of the TOC.

That led to the developers of Curse Voice to adjust their app resulting in the removal of automatching and launcher overlay for the game in order to comply with the terms and conditions of LOL.

The second app, Razer Comms is a VOIP and chat service provider that has been developed by Razer Inc. it supports PC and Android both while on the former it overlays the competitive games.

Razer Comms has also been tailored to fit the policy of Riot Games.

It looks like the developers of League of Legends have been in contact with multiple app developers in order to make their products compliant with their policies.

The official statement given by Riot with regards to the third party apps says that ‘no software should interfere directly with the in-game player experience between when you press “Play” and the end of game screen.’

What other third party apps would you like to be included in the list of Riot approved applications? Share your opinions in the comments below.