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Best Stories in Rainbow Six Siege are Told in Rescue Missions: Ubisoft

All the fans of Rainbow Six Siege would remember the demo that Ubisoft Montreal showed us at the E3 2014. It was focused around one of the game modes called Hostage Release.

As it happens, such rescue missions are of much more importance to the game’s story than we thought.

Xavier Marquis the creative director for Rainbow Six Siege believes that the best mode to tell a story in not one involving bomb diffusion or breaking and entering a building for assault. He believes that it is the rescue missions:

If we ask ourselves which mission creates the best story to tell, it isn’t disarming a bomb, it isn’t breaking into a building and making an assault… It is to be able to extract, to save, a hostage.

We told ourselves that we were able to inject in the game, in the PVP, an immersive narrative with the inclusion of a hostage. We add a layer of reality for the player, letting them live the life of an intervention force.

So does this mean a lot of importance is going to be given to these elements when the game releases?

Other than that, the developers also said that they had sought the guidance of certain officials from National Gendarmerie Intervention Group (GIGN) of French Armed Forces.

Some of the elements in the game are going to be a direct result of what they have shared with the developers.

For instance, the GIGN officials said that when an operator has to choose between saving a teammate and a civilian, he would choose the civilian. Ubisoft is hoping to bring a similar passion in he game.

Do you think Rainbow Six Siege can pull off such a thing?