A Working iPhone Created in Minecraft by a German Player

Minecraft has become a household name in gaming since its launch and that is mostly due to the creativity that it offers to its players and now, someone has really outdone most of the creations as he has managed to create a working iPhone in the game.

The person responsible for this amazing creativity belongs to Germany and to showcase how this phone works, a video has also been released which you can check out above.

You will be able to operate this phone by jumping on to its gigantic touch screen and you can also use some of the selected apps. Some other features like password and slide to unlock have also been added to the game’s iPhone.

Players have been creating some awesome stuff in Minecraft and this new iPhone is just one of them. Previously, a user managed to create a 16-bit working computer in the game, while another user created the whole Westeros from the Song of Ice and Fire series.

If you are playing Minecraft, then you must be aware that the game gives you freedom to do anything you want and create as large world as you are willing, and the results of this freedom are astounding to say the least.

What do you think of this iPhone created in the game?