Total War Attila Trailer Shows Impressive Fires, Barricades and More

The last we heard of Total War Attila was at the end of September when the developers shared a hefty 15 minute long gameplay video with us. There were, nonetheless, some elements that required more emphasis which is why a new trailer has been released.

This time, The Creative Assembly is showing off what they pompously call ‘Dynamic Fire Simulation.’ The developers are pretty into burning things down in the Great Fire of London-style, and this was clearly depicted in the trailer.

In Total War Attila, burning projectiles can start a fire which can then spread to other buildings depending on the weather – exactly what happened to London in 1666.

The trailer also details how the Sieges are going to have multiple escalation stages. Timing and delaying in the attacks will matter as it would affect the morale of the defenders. The later you attack the more wilted they will be.

All this seems like the defenders are being crushed heavily but they also get a new advantage: barricades.

They will put up temporary barricades that could be a small hurdle in the path of the attackers, troops positioned on top of them would get a good shot at the incoming enemies.

Check out the trailer above and tell us what you think of the new features that Total War Attila is getting.