Sunset Overdrive or Sunset Overhype? Devs Choose Former

The crazy colored and the crazy fun open world shooter by Insomniac Games surely has been hyped about a lot. However, is it justified to call it names like Sunset Overhype?

In Sunset TV, the host Brandon Winfrey advised the reviewers against using the phrase Sunset Overdrive.

Sunset TV is a show being run by Insomniac Games where they share information about the game on a weekly basis. Even the first episode of the show is aiming directly for the critics who have the game’s review fate in their hands.

Look I’m not trying to sway your review score either way. I mean your opinion is your opinion. But I advise you not to use the phrase ‘Sunset Overhype’ because that’s just lazy writing!

The developers are really feeling like their game is going to be marked by reviewers as an overhyped title, otherwise why would they go way out of the way to be so direct about it? Never mind all that, do you think there is some truth in the game being called Sunset Overhype?

Sunset Overdrive has been developed exclusively for Xbox One and it is slated for a release in a week’s time. North America will get it on October 28 and Europe on October 31.