This New Minecraft City Took 2 Years and 4.5 Million Blocks To Build

The developers gave freedom of choice to the players in Minecraft with an open world and unlimited amount of options that allowed them to be creative; and the fans didn’t disappoint. 

A player named Duncan Parcells has come forward with a whole city that he created in the period of two years using as many as 4.5 million blocks!

You can check out the city in the feature video above. As you can see, a lot of effort has been put in by the player and it is rightfully called The Titan City.

After creating this enormous city in Minecraft, Parcells discussed the whole process on Reddit, where he noted that he took 3-5 hours out of his routine every 2 weeks to work on this city.

In the same thread he mentions, that the development on the city began on Xbox 360, while he later included PC last year.

The PC didn’t come into the picture until about a year ago. by then the city was well underway. for some reason I feel the need to keep it loyal to it’s original platform at least until the map is filled. Idk why but there you go. I still have plenty of buildings waiting to be added for when it’s moved to the PC.

You can check out some of the images of this Titan City right here.