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Dota 2 Match Fixing: Arrow Kicked out of The Summit 2

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Recently, some very serious allegations were raised by a Reddit user PacificRen egarding Arrow Gaming, a Dota 2 team that is participating in The Summit 2. The guy had investigated expensively and come up with a conclusion that the team was involved in match fixing.

Now, N9 GoDz has announced here that the team really was involved in match fixing and that they will be disqualified effective immediately:

Following recent investigations into various games where match-fixing was suspected we’ll be disqualifying Arrow effective immediately from The Summit 2.

We’ve been in close talks with Dota2Lounge over the past few days and tried to get as much information and evidence to make sure we make the right decision on this matter, but as a global tournament organizer we can’t stand by what’s been presented to us as a fixed game played between Arrow Gaming & CSW in Synergy League.

According to the investigation done by Ren, some really high bets were placed against Arrow Gaming from some new accounts. When the matter was probed further they found out that the bets had come from accounts owned by girlfriends of two Arrow Gaming team members.

As far as the team itself is concerned, they have responded on their official Facebook page saying that they were currently investigating the allegations and that if any of their players was found guilty of any unethical practice, ‘strict actions will be enforced.’

Match fixing really is a poison as BTS IdDOTA said and I am sure none of us are going to be cool with anything like that. What is your take on the matter, what should be done with the match fixers?