Star Citizen Arena Commander Patch Is Now Live

Cloud Imperium Games has released a new patch for their work in progress title, Star Citizen Arena Commander.

After the update, players of Star Citizen Arena Commander will be able to fly around in the new 325a ship. The ship is described as “military-focused” iteration of the famous 300 series space ships.

Players are asked to try out the new spacecraft and let the developers know of their feedback in order to help them improve the ship.

The new update will come with some balancing and tweaks; furthermore, the developers have also fixed a number of crash issues along with an issue with animation the players faced while getting into bed in Cutlass Red.

Readers can check out the highlights of the patch below:

325a is now flyable

K&W Mass Driver Cannon Damage Increased

Fixed animations issues that people faced when entering beds in Cutlass Red along with various crash fixes that were encountered by the players sometimes. The interior ship decal for 325a has also been fixed.

Players who are interested in knowing more about the 325a ship, can see the ship specifications by following the link here.

Lastly, Imperium has stated they are currently working on the update 0.9.2 which will fix some larger game issues. No other details are available regarding patch 0.9.2 but we will let you know as soon as the developers share some.

The official release date of Star Citizen is expected to land somewhere in 2015.