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Oddworld New N Tasty: Lack of Hard Disk on Wii U is Problematic

First off, if you thought that the Oddworld New N Tasty Wii U version had been cancelled, you were so wrong. Just Add Water, the developers are really putting everything they have into making it work.

Moving on, the creator of Oddworld, Lorne Lanning was talking at the Fragments of Silicon podcast where it was revealed that the development team as having problems making the Wii U version of Oddworld New N Tasty because of the lack of hard disk:

You know, we’re having challenges without having a hard disk, but we’re trying to overcome those challenges. Because really I am desperate to be on Nintendo. I mean as a a big fan of Nintendo through the ages and never having one of my games on it, I feel like a left out stepchild.

He said that currently they were in the process of figuring out a solution to the issues, adding further that it was only a matter of time and money. They do have the required money but he believes that guaranteeing anything at this point would be silly.

So the latest is that they are trying their best to succeed even though we can sense a touch of tension in the developers when they say that ‘let’s face it, right? If you’re going to make a game for the Wii U, it better run on an 8 gig unit. Otherwise it’s not really a Wii U game.’

The developers of Oddworld New N Tasty say that the game is going to resonate with the Nintendo audience, do you agree?