Dragon Age Keep To Enter Open Beta On October 29

Bioware, during today’s live stream of Dragon Age Keep has revealed that the beta of this system will be open for everyone, starting October 29.

Those of you, who participated in the closed beta before, will receive an e-mail in a few days informing you of the beta access. Other players who want to participate can do so by signing up on its official website.

Dragon Age Keep is a browser-based system from Bioware, in which players are supposed to set up “world states” by making choices related to the previous entries in the franchise.

After you are done with Dragon Age: Inquisition, you will be able to import that world into Dragon Age Keep as well, and then you can either replicate or alter the previously made choices to see what kind of impact it would have made in the game.

Furthermore, Dragon Age Keep provides you an opportunity to catch up with both previous titles in the series without even playing them.

Apart from the beta news, Bioware showcased some of the characters of the system in their latest live stream; you can check it all out in the link given above.

What do you think of this browser based system from Bioware? Are you looking forward to try it out, come October 29?