Dragon Age Inquisition Great Mistral Combat Detailed in New Video

Today we are officially one month away from the release of Dragon Age Inquisition, and in the coming month, everything that comes our way with regards to this game is going to be worth the news.

So here’s a new video showing off Great Mistral, one of the dragons that you would face in a boss fight.

The video has been made by YouTubers who show you some of the characteristics of the dragon along with its abilities and different kinds of attacks.

Mistral has a tail whip attack as well as a wing flapping thing, among a variety of others.

It also shows you how you could avoid getting killed repeatedly by multiple tactics, one being that you get close to the feet of the Great Mistral.

Back when a select number of people were allowed to play the game at a Dragon Age event, we had been told by some of them that in total, there will be 10 dragons in the game. So that would mean there will be one for each zone.

This is in contradiction with what one of the developers said back at E3; we had been told there would be around 20 dragons. Would you be okay with only 10?

Also, what do you think of the Great Mistral, did you pick up any techniques that you could use in Dragon Age Inquisition to put it down?