Asus GR8 Console PC, Smaller than PS4 but More Powerful

SteamBox is not ready yet and some of us might jump the button and pick another manufacturer to get a machine that would run their games well with the SteamOS – or not. Either way, there is a new player in the race now, the Asus GR8 (pronounce Great).

GR8 breaks games-playing boundaries. ROG has packed a high-performance gaming PC into a sleek, compact console that you’ll enjoy in your bedroom, study, living-room or take to LAN parties. Now you can play your favorite PC games everywhere — easily and in high style!

However, it is more than just the cheeky headlines on their website. The Asus GR8 weighs only 2.83 pounds at 9.37 x 9.65 x 2.36 inches. This is smaller than the PS4!

Moving on, the console PC come packing Intel and Nvidia components with the likes of Intel Core i7 4510U, Nvidia’s GeForce GTX 750 Ti (2GB), DDR3 RAM configurable to up to 16GB, 1TB Hard Drive (or 256GB SSD).

We have not been told anything about the price at which the Asus GR8 is going to be sold but there are rumors afloat. It is being claimed that the console PC would be expensive at around $999 MSRP.

There is no doubt that machines like these would do so well on the SteamOS, and it is also expected that they will be supported, but don’t you think that is too much of an asking price?

Asus GR8 2

Indeed this is a good, compact machine but it is also true that one can make better machines for a smaller price tag. Don’t you think?