Xbox One Preview Program Participants Get a New Feature “My Stats”

The users of Xbox One who have been participating in the console’s preview program will now be able to track their contributions via a new page called “My Stats” which is available in preview Dashboard app.

All the activities that you have completed thus far including quests, surveys, quick polls and rating updates will get you points that will help you level up and unlock some new preview pictures.

Users, who have been contributing for a long time, will get their fair share of points for all the feedback, so that they will not have to start from the beginning.

In addition, a leaderboard has been added to the Xbox One, which will let you see where you stand in comparison to your friends and other people using the preview program.

Microsoft promises that it will keep on coming with the new opportunities for bonus points as the time goes on, so that you can improve your ranking.

My stats is a good initiative from Microsoft as it might attract more players towards the preview program, which in return will help the company get better feedback.

See the video attached above to get a better idea on how My Stats will work.

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Source: Major Nelson