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World of Tanks Team Battles Renewed in Update 9.4

World of Tanks is massive, and so is it’s fan base. It is as good as tank battles get and their mode Team Battles is as good as competitive gaming gets in the game.

However, the mode required some changes based on feedback you gave and now they have been implemented. The official website of the game received a post from

It says that the mode that has been top choice for competitive gaming lovers now required changes which they have introduced through Update 9.4:

Since [implementation of Team Battles], countless tanks have been sent to the scrap yard and tremendous amounts of data and feedback have been collected. Based on this data, the decision has been reached that changes are necessary.

Many solutions have been put through testing with help of top League players and other testers. As a result, the new, improved Team Battle mode has been crafted.

While the team size will still be the same, i.e. seven, there will be two permitted lineups for the tanks. You can have five Tier VIII tanks and two Tier VII tanks, or six Tier VIII tanks and one Tier VI tank.

Tier I Scouts won’t be allowed anymore, and every game will be played in assault mode on specially tailored maps. For now, these are Cliff, Himmelsdorf (and Winter Himmelsdorf), Kharkov, Mannerheim Line, Murovanka, Prohorovka, Ruinberg, Siegfried Line, Steppes, Tundra.

In the match, there will be two bases that the defenders will have to secure, and the attackers will try to capture; each will have a separate base capture point.

There have been some timing-related changes also, resulting in each base getting a two-minute counter instead of 100 seconds and the total length of the match being reduced to seven minutes.

In order to win, the attackers will have to either capture a base or destroy all defender tanks. The defenders, on the other hand, will have to either destroy all attacker tanks or keep at least one of their own tanks alive until the end of the match, without forfeiting a base.

What do you think of the new Team Battles mode that World of Tanks has now?