Sunset Overdrive Video Has New Map, Traps, Infinite Wall Running

Weekly video of Sunset Overdrive is out now and it reveals plenty of new information regarding the game just ahead of its release, including a new map and some traps that will come in handy when taking on a large group of enemies.

First, the video shows a new fort (map) that you will be fighting in during Night Defense. it is called the Boat Fort because it is located in the ocean.

The new map of Sunset Overdrive does look good but the only problem is that enemies will also be entering the fort through the water This leaves you in a vulnerable situation; don’t worry however, as the developers have got you covered with some amazing traps.

First trap showcased in the video is called Tesla Trap, which will fire electric rays in four directions. To increase its impact even more, you can place them in alignment which will fry almost every enemy in the particular area.

Secondly, there are Grind Cooker Traps; whenever you will jump on them, a large fire ray will unleash that will burn any nearby foes. Just like the previous trap, more than one Grind Cookers can also be combined for a larger impact.

Moving on, there is a springboard trap that will throw enemies back into the water and will help you clean up the fort rather quickly. Fourth and final trap is called Siegfried the Great, which is basically a turret that will get stronger as it kills more enemies.

In the same video, developer reveals that Sunset Overdrive will have infinite wall running system meaning that you will not stop running unless you want to, giving a fast paced feel to the gameplay.

The wait for Sunset Overdrive is almost over as the game is set to launch on October 28, exclusively for Xbox One.

What do you think of the new map, new traps and infinite wall running?