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Now Create Your Own Champions in League of Legends!

If you are a long time League of Legends fan then you might remember Riot Games started a “refer-a-friend” program about five years ago.

According to the promotional program players were offered special rewards in exchange for them inviting their friends and other new players to play the game. These rewards included the amazing opportunity to design a new champion with the team working on League of Legends, among others.

Later on, Riot Games decided to withdraw this offer and hardcore fans were not too happy about it.

Thankfully, Riot Games have now decided to make good on their original promise and said this regarding their previous decision to rescind it:

Regarding the ultimate promise to develop a champion, the idea itself was pretty flawed — we were a young company five years ago, and didn’t really think through how we were going to successfully deliver the ‘develop a champion’ promise.

Furthermore, the company stated that it takes around half a year to design a champion, cummulatively taking 10,000 hours of work with more than 100 people involved. The explanation seems fair enough. Obviously if a champion takes that long, it is not possible to bring it to life in a day or two.

Riot Games will take another shot an it and states that they want to ‘fix it in a meaningful way.’

Every so often Riot Games hold an event called Thunderdome in which Rioters are challenged to create a prototype in 30 hours.

Every uber referrer is going to be invited to this event next year. During this event they will spent 72 hours of intense work on the development and design of a champion and getting that design to at least a ‘paper prototype’ stage. Referrers will work alongside a dedicated team of developers.

After the event Riot Games promises to keep working on these prototypes. So, if you are one of those referrers, get ready and its best to start working on a concept right now in order to have the best chance to get your champion into the game.

Keep in mind that only two percent of the concepts are ever approved to be a part of the game, according to Riot. So put your creative hats on and start working.

Source: Riot Games