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Minecraft 1.8.1 Update Promises Overall Stability and Fixes

The recent 1.8 update for Minecraft has been riddled with bugs and various other issues; all of which can be said to be normal when considering Mojang put in 10 months worth of content which it dubbed as the ‘Bountiful Update.’

Those bugs though will not be staying around long. In a new blog post, Mojang’s Dinnerbone wrote that a pre-release version 1.8.1 will bring in fixes to a number of issues and improve overall stability.

Players however shouldn’t expect the patch to iron out all of the problems but with time and more updates, the game will begin to feel better once again.

“We’ve been keeping a close eye on the 1.8 release and have put together a small update that should fix a lot of issues that people have reported to us,” he wrote.

“This update is compatible with 1.8 servers, but even though it’s not strictly required to update to 1.8.1 we’d strongly recommend that you do for all the performance and stability gains it gives you.”

You can go through the entire patch notes here.

In related news, it is being reported that Warner Bros. is currently in talks with Shawn Levy to develop and direct a movie on Minecraft. His previous works include This Is Where I Leave You, the Night At The Museum series, Real Steel, and Date Night.

Details on the script are unknown at this point and the team is expected to use the Minecraft name alone to back a story that can go into just about any direction. Production matters are going to be handled by Roy Lee, who has previously been behind The Lego Movie.