Lords of the Fallen Gets Five Hours of Gameplay Footage, Shows Pretty Much Every Thing

We are just a few days away from the release of Lords of the Fallen and those of you who want to see how the game will play out, should check out the attached video above as it showcases almost five hours of gameplay.

The game has been called a clone of Dark Souls by a lot of players and for the right reasons. The combat is slow as it requires you to study the opponents and beat them with your skill rather than mindless hack n slash attacks.

Another reason the game is compared to the famous franchise is its environments, which are dark and gloomy and at the end of each level, you face a boss that will have to be defeated tactfully.

The above gameplay demo showcases the game’s story as you come across different enemies, bosses, NPCs and more. The YouTube user Lobos Jr. who is playing the game, stated that the difficulty of the game is not as high as the people were expecting, especially when you play as the Warrior class.

In Lords of the Fallen, there will be moments where you will have to make some choices but from what we have witnessed, it doesn’t look like that they will have a long-term impact on the game’s story.

The animations during the cutscenes are not that impressive but it does the job, which is fine unless you really want some top notch acting.

If you have made up your mind about playing the game, then I suggest you don’t watch the video as it contains spoilers for the story, but those of you who want to see how the game will look and play like upon its release can check it out.

Lords of the Fallen will hit the shelves on October 28 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.