Jason Mewes Reprises Jay Role For Randal’s Monday

Point and click adventure Randal’s Monday has added yet more topical voice acting to its upcoming title. Jason Mewes will record a session for a cameo appearance in the PC game.

Jason Mewes is primarily known as their person, Jay, from the Jay & Silent Bob duo that also includes film director Kevin Smith. These two characters will be seen in Randal’s Monday, loitering in an alley.

Hanging around is sort of the shtick from the duo, seen in the Clerks movies from Smith. Jason Mewes will portray Jay and make references from the movie, because that’s also what this game is about.

Randal’s Monday dubs itself a “point and geek” adventure. It’s absolutely filled with pop culture material, from Star Wars to X-men and anything in between.

A character named Randal is on a quest to retrieve a wedding ring entrusted to them by a friend, after a heavy night of drinking. Randal will be voiced by Jeff Anderson, who plays a character with the same name in the Clerks movies as well.

Both characters have a similar persona too, disgruntled and full of quips. Technically, you could say Kevin Smith takes on the role of Silent Bob as well, since that character never speaks.

Enric Costa of developer Nexus Game Studios is thrilled at snagging another Clerks figure, commenting:

It’s a real dream coming true. Our homage to ‘Clerks’ and classic adventure games now gets support not only from one big star of the American Independent Cinema, but from two. That’s more than we ever hoped for.

Randal’s Monday is headed for release on Steam on November 12, 2014.