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Ironcast Signs With Publisher Ripstone For Stretch Goals

Steampunk PC game Ironcast managed to barely reach its Kickstarter goal of £10,000, which is good enough to make the game, but the team isn’t stopping there. In an update, the developer announces that publisher Ripstone has stepped in to handle the game.

There are several benefits to having a publisher for Ironcast, primarily from the resources and connections they have. They’ll be able to provide quality assurance for the game, as well as localizing texts to different languages and getting the game to Steam and other digital distributors without having to go through the “indie” channels.

Naturally, Ripstone will also be handling both marketing and community interactions. It’s their game now, even though the message doesn’t say who claims the Ironcast property.

Ripstone contacted developer Dreadbit after their Kickstarter campaign proved successful. Daniel Leaver of Dreadbit had a prior history with the managing director of Ripstone, from when they worked on the LittleBigPlanet series together, back at Sony.

With a publisher, Ironcast will also be able to receive funds to unlock its previously unachieved stretch goals. To thank the company for their efforts, Dreadbit has offered them the unclaimed reward of a steampunk jetpack.

Ironcast mixes match-3 puzzle board designs with roguelike elements, like an adapted version of Puzzle Quest. It also features giant mechs that can be customized with different items.

Different weapons are needed for the individual mechs, as some require bypassing shields and such. Moreover, the game has a resource management system that lets players decide to either take a defensive or offensive stance.

Stretch goals for Ironcast include another playable character, a new mech, more missions and more abilities.