Hyrule Warriors Master Quest DLC Gets A Launch Trailer

Koei Tecmo and Nintendo have launched the Master Quest DLC for Hyrule Warriors. The said downloadable content pack pack will give players a chance to go into battle with Ebona while taking the role of Link.

Master Quest DLC has also added a new adventure mode map in Hyrule Warriors. According to Nintendo it comes packed with the following features:

Ride Epona into battle when you play as Link. Play through 5 story episodes that lead to the cataclysmic events in the main game. Challenge yourself with the Master Quest Adventure Mode map. Outfit Cia and Lana with Guardian of Time costumes

Hyrule Warriors Master Quest DLC is now available for the price of $7.99 and a launch trailer can be seen above.

Following the release of Master Quest pack, another expansion titled The Twilight Princess DLC pack will be released next month which features a new playable character, two new costumes, a weapon and more.

You can read all the details regarding all the upcoming Hyrule Warriors DLC here.

Players interested in purchasing these DLC packs can do so, by getting the season pass or buying each DLC pack separately. If you have something to share, let us know in the comments section below!