Homebrew Hacker Has Already Cracked New Nintendo 3DS

It has only been a couple of days since the New Nintendo 3DS handheld was launched in Japan, but already the homebrew scene is picking up pace. One certain hacker has already managed to crack the handheld!

The hacker who goes by the name of Seamlum has been actively trying to create a homebrew channel for the 3DS in order to run homebrew games and applications as well as overriding the region locking system of the 3DS.

Apparently he also wanted to check out what the potential for homebrew was on the New Nintendo 3DS which is why he has allegedly broken into it already. This was evidenced by a picture of the new handheld that he tweeted on his profile.

As you can see above, the image shows the new handheld with a sentence written on it that reads ‘well, that didn’t take long…’

Talk about making a statement.

He also shared a video as proof through the next tweet:

This means that potentially, people could be looking at unofficial homebrew channels on the new handheld, maybe region free gaming and emulators.

On the flipside, Nintendo is known to counter homebrew with regular updates so we will be seeing a lot of counter updating between the homebrew hackers and Nintendo itself. That is until the thing falls into illegal domain.

The New Nintendo 3DS was released in Japan on October 11 and is slated for a release in Australia on November 21. So far, the North American and European release dates for the handheld have not been shared by Nintendo though it is expected that we will get it in early 2015.

What do you think about the homebrew possibilities for the New Nintendo 3DS handheld and Nintendo’s resilience in countering security weaknesses?