Hatred The Game Questions Morality with Mass Murder of Civilians

The internet is swarming with news about a new title, Hatred The Game which apparently comes with no other objective but to massacre as many innocent civilians in cold blood as you can.

Above, you can see a trailer that was shared by the developers. It shows the lead character of the game who is actually the villain filled with hatred for everything in this world. The game is purely about massacre and genocide from what he is saying:

I just fu*kin’ hate this world. And the human worms feasting on its corpus. My whole life is just cold, bitter hatred. And I always wanted to die violently. This is the time of vengeance and no life is worth saving. And I will put in the grave as many as I can. It’s time for me to kill. And it’s time for me to die. My genocide crusade begins here.

Looking at the trailer I can tell that it is going to be disturbing to say the least. It is a game about killing people ruthlessly that would question your humanity in its own way.

It won’t be the first videogame to be called gory and violent, even GTA lets you do all sorts of terrible things, but I think the theme of Hatred The Game is going to set it apart.

Hatred The Game is being developed by a Polish indie studio called Destructive Creations who plan to release it on PC in the second quarter of 2015 but it raises some serious questions about morality. What do you have to say about that?