Guardians! Here is Another Loot Spot in Destiny for Engram Farming

Just a couple of days ago, Bungie nerfed a loot cave in Destiny with a fix. But it seems as though no matter how quick they are in bringing an end to these caves and stop players from farming items, someone somewhere keeps finding new places to farm.

TritanArmyV2 is the Youtube user who posted a video showing a new farming location in Destiny. The good thing about this location is that its much faster than previous ones but still requires you to move a lot.

You won’t have to be far away from enemy spawn point and you can put them down at point blank range easily.

All you have to do is enter the location, shoot down enemies, exit from the side and double tap to jump up to stand on a ledge on top of the entrance. Double tap again to to jump even higher before coming down.

And there you have it, your enemies will spawn and you can farm as long as you wish. Check out the video above to know more details.