Driveclub Patch 1.04 is Now Live, Brings Improvements and Fixes

Developer Evolution Studios has rolled out a new patch for its recently released racer Driveclub. As you know the game had online connectivity issues since it came out and devs have been busy working on updates to fix different issues.

Fans were eager to play the game but what’s disappointing to us all is that the game is facing issues even after a year long delay.

Evolution Studios is aware of your frustration and disappointment and the company has apologized for your troubles.

“We’re glad that more of you are getting to play online but we are sorry that many players are still having a hard time getting connected. We are working around the clock to improve connectivity and will keep you informed as we continue to make progress.”

Driveclub’s update 1.04 is now live and is said to improve the following issues:

1: Implements several game-side multiplayer improvements to reduce server load.
2: Fixes scheduled events from occasionally disappearing from the event browser in multiplayer.
3: Fixes incorrect target times / scores from appearing in Time Trial and Drift Events.

Also, Evolution is conducting periodic diagnostics in order to help improve server performance. Hopefully, Driveclub will soon be in full working order and players will be able get the originally promised experience.