Destiny Might Get A New Level-Cap, New Strike And New Gear In December’s DLC

Some new details regarding Destiny have surfaced online which indicate that the upcoming DLC will increase the level cap of the game and will also bring in a new raid alongside some exciting gear.

The level cap of 20 disappointed some of the players, as they didn’t feel like playing anymore after getting to the final level. However, increasing it to a higher number will certainly give them motivation to dive back into the game’s world.

According to the data that has come up online and compiled on Reddit, the first DLC of Destiny will come out in December and will be called Dark Below.

A new raid will also be introduced in the same DLC called Crota’s End.

The strike of Crota’s End will be available for the players of Level-28 and above, with 28 being the normal difficulty while level-32 players will face the real challenge at hard difficulty. Hence the expectation that level cap is going to be increased.

Furthermore, some more armor sets and templates for vehicle and ship shaders were picked up by the users on Destiny DB; it is speculated that they belong to yet another raid. You can check them all out in the Reddit link given above.

Do note that nothing mentioned here has been confirmed, so it should be taken with a grain of salt until an official announcement is made by Bungie.

Destiny, despite its few problems has been a big hit all over the world and people have been enjoying the co-op and competitive modes of the title.

Bungie promised that they will keep on bringing new stuff to the game at regular basis, so that the players don’t get bored. So far, they have been living up to that promise.

We will see if this data turns out to be true as we move closer to December and let you know.