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Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Two Loot Caves You Might Not Know About

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel shares a lot of traits with Destiny. Both are first-person shooting titles with heavy emphasis laid on collecting loot. 2K Games even poked Bungie’s title in fun telling us Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel is everyone’s “true Destiny.”

Hence it’s of little surprise that like Destiny, the new Borderlands title also has a couple of loot caves. For those not aware, loot caves are small enclosed areas heavy with mobs. Players come here and wipe out everyone in quick time for their continuous drops.

In most cases the mobs continue to respawn instantly or in short spans so the player can invest some time in this endeavor and walk away a rich man. The following two spots are said to be rich in weapons, moonstones, and other in-game items. Feel free to check them out now that you know.

The first spot can be reached through the “Let’s Build A Robot Army” mission. When you’re fighting the enemies with the help of turrets, refrain from killing them with the turrets. Instead take the initiative and do the hard work yourself. Another trick is to also quit the mission just before the threshold is reached, restart and repeat.

The next spot is found in the “Guardian Hunter” mission where you are tasked with capturing a Guardian. Skip this part and instead just keep killing them. Doing so will keep them respawning. Hence you can continue your rampage and in the process get a large amount of loot.

Via Kotaku